Conversing with Story Again: Finding Story Where You Least Expect It

Story: Hello.

Me: Whoa. Didn’t expect to see you here.

Story: That’s funny. Why not, may I ask?

Me: Because I’m just sitting here on the rim of a canyon watching the sun go down.

Story: And?

Me: Well, I’m not doing anything. I’m not thinking about writing or stories or trying to come up with ideas or…oh, now I see.

Story: Of course! You don’t have to actively search me out. In fact, I come upon you when you least expect it.

Me: Like a thief in the night?

Story: I was more or less thinking I did it like a cat padding through cotton…but whatever makes your boat float.

Me: Nice of you to show up, though. I could use a good story idea to work on.

Story: Well, now you have one. All you needed was a little downtime and relaxation. Watch a sunset. Listen to music. Whatever it is you do to turn off your mind…which in your case we can all agree is a short trip from “active” to “shutdown”.

Me: Nice.

Story: Hey, better take what you can get. But back to your point. It’s true I turn up when you least expect me. A lot of writers, especially new ones, worry they won’t have enough story ideas to write. When the truth of the matter is you’re going to have too many story ideas to write. The trick is picking which ones are the best. You obviously can’t write them all so you have to use your judgment and intuition as to which one is the best. Some of this comes from confidence but I think most of it is from instinct.

Me: Well, wherever it comes from, thanks. I needed a new story idea and this one looks like it could be good.

Story: Glad I could help. Ahem. So, are we going to go write now?

Me: I thought I would keep watching the sunset.

Story: Why?

Second Story: Hello. Glad you meet you.

Me: That’s why.

Story: Hoo boy, it’s getting crowded around here. But that’s a good thing.

Me: I agree. Well, looks like the sun is down. Let’s go write.

Story and Second Story (together): Me first!

You never know when a story idea will hit you. Be ready for it anytime of the day.



4 Replies to “Conversing with Story Again: Finding Story Where You Least Expect It”

  1. I love this post! The Stories that converse with you also seem to be great Muses and Sages. I love your point about picking the story idea that is the best and running with it – discerning the right tale to write is vital, especially in a writer’s world of “so many words, so little time.”

  2. So glad for two things upon reading your post here today:
    1) You were allowing yourself to relax on the rim of the canyon and soak up that beauty; and
    2) You are joined by multiple new “Story” folks!
    Yes, we do often have more ideas than we can pursue at any given time. Hope you check out how I am talking about this “interweaving” and “unwinding” this week on my blog! Would VERY much welcome your feedback!

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