Oscar’s Restaurant & Lounge: You don’t know good Mexican food until you have eaten here

When we were staying in Abilene we ate at Oscar’s Restaurant and Lounge. I would link you to their website but they don’t have one! They are small and special and they serve some of the best Mexican cuisine I have ever eaten in my life. In. My. Life.

Forget about your Tex-Mex or bland food that pretends to be genuine. This food is authentic and spicy.Β  Look, I love spicy food. I am from Louisiana, bayou country, and I grew up in South Texas. So I know spicy. All too often I go to restaurants and they say their food is spicy…but it’s not. It’s bland because they have to cater to the masses.

If you are ever in Abilene I urge you to seek out this restaurant and give it a try. It is excellent. I have eaten here several times over the years and the consistency and quality of the food is always the highest standard. It doesn’t look like much on the outside or inside, I’ll give you that. It’s darn near a clapboard shack. But hoo boy is the food fantastic!

Just thinking about them again has made me hungry, haha. Here is their address if you want to look them up:

Oscars Restaurant & Lounge

1665 Texas 351, Abilene, TX 79601-4745

Tell them Mark sent you! πŸ™‚


8 Replies to “Oscar’s Restaurant & Lounge: You don’t know good Mexican food until you have eaten here”

  1. Say no more…I am starving and I just ate! The photo reminds me of the restaurant my folks owned for about 3 years at one point in my growing up days. Those little out of the way places, oh, yeah, they wrap us in our own memories while making new ones.

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