New Word Press Theme. Like, or not? Theme hate, or theme love?

As you guys can see I have changed the theme to my blog from Kubrick to Comet. I like them both but I like the fact Comet is easier to find things in the sidebar than Kubrick, I think.Don’t you think? I think.

So what do you think of the overall theme? Do my older readers prefer this theme or the other one? I’m not necessarily wedded to either one so I’m good with your criticism, don’t worry. I mean, so you break my heart and I start sobbing into my pillow with big teddy bear tears, big deal, right? No pressure or anything on your part. 😛

Thanks! 🙂


8 Replies to “New Word Press Theme. Like, or not? Theme hate, or theme love?”

  1. It’s clean, but I agree with Neo-Prodigy – it needs something to make it pop. Maybe a graphic header? What about your Haxan banner? Or use one of your pictures from your research trip.

  2. I mostly read on a rss reader so I’m perhaps not your target audience for this post. I remember your old theme as being less bland, as mentioned in the comments above. At the moment “clean” and “simple” are thought to equal “professional”. While I agree we don’t want our sites to look like leftover GeoCities or MySpace accounts with crazy backgrounds, ani-gifs, and autoplay music, bland sameness makes me lose track of whose site I’m on.

  3. Since I am a self-confessed “older reader”, I will throw my two cents into the pot and say I like simple, but the above header is a little TOO pastel, if you know what I mean. What about a dying tree sticking out of a cleft in the rocks, with a ravenous eagle perched thereon, glaring down with jaundiced eye on a new born lamb with its mama in the valley? Anyway, something/someone needs to be added to pull us in.

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