Harlan Ellison on why pirates deserve to be sued

I agree with Ellison on this. If someone wants a story they want to claim as “theirs” then they can do what I did, and what every other professional writer does – sit their goddamn ass in a chair and write it.


Halloween Skeleton Wedding Feast Pix (Part 2 – The Groom and Feast)

The Groom awaits his lovey bride. Oh, what wonderful expectations he has for tonight!

Cane, gloves, pocket watch. Now for a hearty wedding repast and then a memorable night of passion with his lovely bride….

The wedding table under white light so you can see the detail.

The red light of murder really brings out the romantic aspect of the tableau. Many years of marital bliss ahead, you crazy kids, you!

A nice chicken carcass for dinner. Mayhap the butcher knife will be used for something else tonight….?

Were the mice invited or did they gate crash the wedding? What playful scamps they are! So long as they stay out of the nuptial bed then all will be well…

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