Yikes! Halloween is coming fast and I haven’t begun to decorate.

Sheesh. The month is more than half over and I haven’t begun to move on Halloween decorations yet. I’ve got to start. I have some ideas from last year and new plans for my haunt. But I’ve got to put this stuff together. I’m not yet in the mood. Not feeling it. I guess it will hit me like last year, all of a sudden, and there will be a sudden, joyful rush to decorate.

One thing that irks me a little is I tried to grow pumpkins this year for jack o’lanterns. Didn’t work out what with the drought and all. Pumpkins were a fizzle. Now I have to go buy some and broth-er are they expensive. I had hoped to grow so many I could have Pumpkin Central. That won’t happen now.

I think I should start taking stuff out of the closet and elsewhere and see what I’ve got to work with, though.I bought a lot of new stuff on sale after the holiday last year and I need to inventory.

I have a really cool idea for one set piece, though. I have most of what I need to put it up. With any luck I will get on the stick and start making progress and maybe have pictures for you as I work on the haunt. I’ll be honest. Just writing about decorating is starting to get my spirit flowing. That’s progress!

One thing I do know. The soundtrack to the haunt will be Starwheel by Kammarheit. It scared the hell out of the trick or treaters last year, and that’s going to be my goal again this year.

Anything less than them running away in terror (after they got their candy, of course) is a huge disappointment.  😛


The Chaotic Cuisinart of Novel Writing (and by extension, writing in general)

The deeper I get into this novel the more I am bombarded by all sorts of ideas and impressions that come and go like koi rising to the surface in a green pond. I examine each one in turn and decide whether or not I will use it in the novel. It’s a heady time but not unusual when beginning a project of this scope, or fiction in general.

One thing I have learned is to trust my confidence and instinct. I’m not saying I am infallible, but after doing this a while and selling a few pieces you learn to start trusting your instinct. Many new writers I come across either have too much confidence for their current talent level or they don’t give themselves enough credit.

The novel I am working on now is tough. It is outside my comfort zone. It’s a challenge. But with all that, and even though I am bringing some amount of professionalism and experience to the table, I am being somewhat taken aback by the huge amount of crackling creative energy that is demanding attention.

But this is normal with any new undertaking. When a writer begins a new story, novel, whatever, he is always opening fA novel is an accretion disk of ideas that slowly evolve into a world.loodgates of creativity. I like doing research for projects. I like learning new things. As I delve into topics it opens new avenues for scenes and plot lines I had not previously considered. Not all of them will be used. Some have to be discarded. That’s where intuition, for want of a better word, comes into play. (Confidence, instinct, intuition, they are part of the same dynamic decision making process you have to develop when you write. A sort of awareness by extension.)

As I write and think about this novel (and I am still in the “thinking” phase more than the “writing” phase, though neither one ever really ends) I am also realizing this is going to be a marathon. Especially since it is like nothing I have ever attempted to write before. I can’t sprint through this story and hope everything falls into place. This is turning more into a puzzle. All right, all stories and novels are sort of like puzzles. You have to put things together coherently so your main idea will come across to the reader. But in something like this which is outside my experience a little bit, not only am I being bombarded by ideas I am also just standing by and watching the whole thing come together in my mind. All the little pieces tumble past the sieve of instinct and intuition and find their place in the story.

It’s like an accretion disk of matter that through its own gravitational power slowly forms the shape of a living, breathing world over time. It’s actually kind of neat if it weren’t for the fact it’s also stress-inducing at the same time.

And so the race begins. The evolution of the novel while I slowly go bonkers, haha. What fun.

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