Let’s Do Lunch!

Pecan crusted trout, snow peas, water with lemon and Almond Joy coffee. Yum!


I remember when every SF book I read the story was new. And now….

I’ve read a lot of science fiction in my lifetime.  Maybe I’ve read too much.

It seems I’ve reached a point of diminishing returns.  The science fiction field isn’t that large. You can pretty much exhaust it if you read voraciously.  Then you move on to the magazines, but after a while you realize you’re reading the same story over and over, so you put them aside, too.

Then you reach a point where you pick up a new novel, try it out, discover it doesn’t hold up to the wealth of fiction already packed and chambered in your fevered little brain.  You feel disappointed.  Like there’s nothing out there worth reading at all.

I’ve read a lot of fiction. There’s damn little genre fiction I haven’t read.  Let me rephrase that: There’s damn little important genre fiction I haven’t read. No sense wasting time with writers who are trying to reinvent the wheel.

So lately I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction, almost exclusively, along with rereads of novels I liked as a kid or a young adult in a desperate attempt to recapture that early sensawunda.  It never happens, though.  Okay, rarely.  But the emotions aren’t as strong as they once were. That’s to be expected from comfort reading.

And, please, don’t come to me with the “science fiction is twelve” argument because I know crap when I see it, whether I was twelve or an ancient Mr. Grumpy.

I guess that’s all part of growing up but I’m kind of bummed about it.

The Stark Beauty of Caprock Canyon

Part of the reason I like Caprock (and Palo Duro) is the stark beauty of these deserts. They really make you feel alone. The solitude is amazing and I still cannot get over how quiet it is out there. We are inundated with noise everyday of our lives in this modern world. No escaping it. Out there it’s total silence. Kind of creepy.

Another cool thing is how beautifully dark the skies are at night. You can see lanes of the Milky Way. I have never seen so many satellites, either. Wow, they are moving across the sky all the time. One night I saw two that appeared to be traveling in tandem from north to south. That was so cool.

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