My Challenge of Writing a New Haxan Novel

I was struggling with how to begin the new Haxan novel and got through that hurdle this morning. I see the opening now and I think I know how it should start. It’s not going to be easy to write, though, but I have to be truthful to the story and at least give it the opening it demands. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work, and I will have to think of a new way to begin the book.

I told my writing buddy about the main outline for the story and she liked it. She also said I sounded excited about this project. Another friend said the same thing when I told her the idea. I guess that is true. I am looking forward to writing this book because it’s going to be such a challenge. I guess that’s what has me excited the most: the challenge.

It will not be an easy book to write. It’s certainly not like anything I have done to date. So it’s that challenge which has me excited, I think. I want to see if I will measure up, if I have what it takes to write this novel. I think I do or I would not attempt it.

I still have research and stuff to do, but I am now thinking I can do that as I start writing and working on the thing. I never write by schedule. I know that works for some writers but it doesn’t work for me. I write when I am ready to write.

I think I am ready to start work on this book very soon, perhaps within a day or two. All the rest of the story and plot lines are falling into place now. I’m about ready to pull the trigger on this thing.

Yes, I’m excited about this project. I haven’t been excited about a story in a long, long time. It will be interesting to see how long this feeling lasts. But I think if I do a good job this might be a very good story indeed.

I guess we will have to wait and see what the final product looks like and how it all shakes out. Which is about all you can say for any story you start to write, really.

I guess if I have any deep misgivings it’s that I don’t have a title yet. I’m notoriously lousy at titles anyway. Maybe one will come to me later. Hope so.

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