Talk Like a Flapper Day

Attaboy, Jakes and Janes! Hope you went bearcat goofy over Talk Like a Flapper Day with the rest of the fluky debs and kippy sheiks.

You’ll never trip for biscuits if you powder with me. I’ve got an Abe’s Cabe. You bring a clam. Debs, bring your munitions and flour. Slats, bring your kale and gaspers. We won’t have’ta ankle.  We’ll glap my dapper’s breezer and buy java and sinkers. Then we’ll slide into a lemon squeezer and cash. Don’t bring your alarm clock!

See you next October 1, hiphounds, as we bid 23-skidoo on this darb 2011 Flapper Day! Ab-so-tute-ly!

Get hot, whangdoodle! Get hot!

"Drop the pilot on that appleknocker and I'll be your blue serge! Bring a jorum of skee and we'll floorflush!"

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