New Haxan Page Added to My WordPress Blog. Hooray!

Just letting my readers know I added a Haxan web page to this blog. You can link to it from the side under “Pages” or click on the badge below, haha. It includes stuff like how I created the series, inspiration, and some character biographies. Hope you enjoy the extra content.

Thanks, guys. 🙂

Click here to see the new Haxan page on WordPress. Hooray!


I Hate Breaking in a New Story

I have not been sleeping well. This is due to one thing: I have a story on the brain.When story ideas come they come fast and furious. How about you?

I hate it when that happens, don’t you? Part of the contract we make when we write, though, I guess. You get these ideas that start to flower and suddenly they are putting out new shoots and root systems throughout your imagination and before you know it you are behind on sleep.

It’s like the story takes over.

I’m considering working on a Haxan prequel novel. I have the idea for one, but I don’t have the story. Over the past couple of weeks the story has been coming to me, bit by bit. What started as a trickle is threatening to turn into a waterfall. When that happens I know the novel will be ready to be written.

I was worried at first because I wanted to write a prequel novel, but didn’t have the story straight in my head. As of this morning I am getting the story straight in my head but…I kinda could use some sleep. Oh well, I’ve made that trade before. I guess I will do it again.

The first thing I need to do is start making notes and getting some of this down on paper. I no longer write stories out longhand (okay, I only ever did that a time or two) but I still like to make notes on a legal yellow pad using a black ink pen. I guess it’s a sort of comfort zone with me. Then I move to computer for the real donkey work.

Best thing about all this? Research! I love doing research for a story. My favorite part. I like learning new stuff.

How about you? How do you break in a story? Do you let it slowly develop or do you get an idea and immediately begin to work from that?


In Writing, Like Life, There Are No Guarantees

I must admit I am sometimes taken aback by how writing at its most fundamental core is so insane.

Think about it. You sit down and write a story. Okay, fine. You make it the best story you can with the tools you have available. All right, nothing wrong so far.

But there are absolutely no guarantees it will ever be sold or read by anyone.It may never earn one single penny. It may never help your career in anyway. You may decide to trunk the darn thing and it sits in an attic until you kick the bucket and the executor of your estate sifts through handfuls of paper upon which you have poured out your soul, wonders “What is this garbage?” and throws it into a fire or something.

I mean, seriously. Think about it. Who else but a crazy person would enter into a contract like that? To write? For what goal? There are no guarantees in this business. None.

You want to know a hard fact? I can almost promise you will make more money flipping burgers than you ever will writing. Want to know something else? Flipping burgers has more future in it than writing. Digging ditches, cutting brush, surveying a desolate Kansas field in the dead of winter — all easier than writing. And often more rewarding.

So why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through this? Because we have to. We have all these words and stories and ideas inside that are bursting to get out. You can’t walk around with something like that inside you forever. You have to let it have voice. You have to write.

I don’t know about anyone else. I mean, I’ve spoken to writers about this before. All I know is about me. I don’t write because I want to.

I write because I have to. Something inside forces it from me.

It’s crazy and it’s insane. It’s writing.

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