New Haxan Page Added to My WordPress Blog. Hooray!

Just letting my readers know I added a Haxan web page to this blog. You can link to it from the side under "Pages" or click on the badge below, haha. It includes stuff like how I created the series, inspiration, and some character biographies. Hope you enjoy the extra content. Thanks, guys. šŸ™‚


I Hate Breaking in a New Story

I have not been sleeping well. This is due to one thing: I have a story on the brain. I hate it when that happens, don't you? Part of the contract we make when we write, though, I guess. You get these ideas that start to flower and suddenly they are putting out new shoots …

In Writing, Like Life, There Are No Guarantees

I must admit I am sometimes taken aback by how writing at its most fundamental core is so insane. Think about it. You sit down and write a story. Okay, fine. You make it the best story you can with the tools you have available. All right, nothing wrong so far. But there are absolutely …