Balsamic Chicken is Total Yum!

Balsamic chicken with rosemary- garlic rub.


Metropolis (1927) as SF Atavism and Cautionary Tale – A Review

I suppose if you push me I will admit I prefer silent films to any other format. I mean, if that's the choice you give me. There are a lot of reasons for this. Mostly, I think, because so many silent films were incredibly groundbreaking in so many areas including writing, direction, artistic quality, and …

Isn’t Fiction Just Making Stuff Up?

I've been thinking more about history and the role it plays in genre, and more specifically with the art of story telling. I tend to get in trouble when I start thinking, but here we go anyway. I am fascinated how our perception of history often outweighs verifiable facts and evidence. Especially when it comes …