I Sold My Haxan Novel!

OMG! ChiZine Publications wants to publish my Haxan novel! They are thinking about a release date in late 2013 or early 2014. Gemma Files, who writes for CZP, approached them and let them know I had a dark fantasy western they might be interested in. They requested to see it and liked it and now they want to publish it!

This culminates a somewhat long and frustrating year on the writing front for me. I haven’t been exceptionally satisfied with what I have accomplished on the writing front. Although, to be fair, I have no reason to complain, because I’ve sold a few really good pieces. But this is the icing on the cake. I have been working in the Haxan mythos and angling for a move like this for some time.

I am very blessed I have people like Gemma, and Mary-Grace Ellington, and Melissa Lendhardt and other good writers who believe in me and support me, and have always believed in and supported Haxan. It means a lot, more than they can ever know.

Haxan is going to be a novel!   Woot!

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