Caprock Canyon

I am headed to Caprock Canyon this weekend after work. I think I will leave Sunday and come back around Thursday. I like the desolation of Caprock plus they have buffalo so how could anyone not want to go? Of course there’s a burn ban but I don’t plan on a camp fire. I have a small electric skillet and a water boiler I use for coffee anyway, so I’ll be good.

I’ve been before earlier this summer. The weather was brutal. It should be a little more comfortable now, but it’s pretty isolated nevertheless. I also plan to use the alone time to finish my new Haxan story, do some reading, and just decompress. I also hope to check out some of the trails.

View from a hiking trail in Caprock Canyon

The last time I went there was evidence of how the canyon suffered from a past fire. Some of the mesquite trees were blackened with soft green shoots sprouting from the blackened branches. I also saw the same for the cactus plants. So I’m eager to see how much more they bounced back since I’ve been there.

Another thing about the site, there is a LOT of wildlife, not to mention the deep black night sky and the stars glittering like sugar jewels. Not that the night sky will be all that great since there’s a full moon when I’m going, haha. Got to watch for werewolves? I saw skunks last time. Wereskunks?

See you guys on the flip side!

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