Where I am with Writing (update)

One of the things that bothers me is my current lack of output. This year got off to a rough start when I came in with very little to almost non-existent desire to A.) write, and B.) further my career.

Some of those feelings have ameliorated. I’m more in line now with the desire and interest to start pushing myself to write again. I wonder if a lot of this wasn’t due to the white hot intensity I maintained over the last decade or so. I won’t say it’s not nice to be more relaxed when it comes to writing, but it is so different from what I am used to.

Not that this year has been a bust. I still have a novel being considered, have sold and had published many stories and articles, began my old time radio Internet station Theater 13 Radio which took off like a rocket, and am slowly making progress with Argo Navis Publishing which will be used to publish my backlog of novels, short stories, collections and *crosses fingers* podcasts. And on top of all that I am in the planning stages of getting someone to revamp my professional website.

So it’s not like I haven’t been busy with writing stuff. And don’t even get me started on the constant networking, keeping up with other writers and the market and the business and have you seen my to-be-read pile of books lately? And do you even realize what a time sink Twitter and Facebook are? Sheesh, haha. I don’t even play Farmville. And then there are the conventions (admittedly only one or two) I attend every year to meet more writers, editors, publishers. You know, doing writer things.

So. Yeah. I am busy. I’m not able to sit around on my butt all day long just thinking. (Although thinking is probably 85% of professional writing, the rest is just donkey work, tbh.)

*takes a deep breath* Having said all that, this is why I am sort of looking forward to going to Caprock Canyon and do some tent camping. Meanwhile, I will finish a new Haxan story and kind of hope that jump starts my desire to go into writing again whole hog.

Well, wait. I guess I should explain something about this profession first. Yes, you can go into it whole hog, but if you’ve been doing it for as long as I have you realize what is doable and what is not. So I don’t mean go scattershot, but focus my attention on projects and get them done. By doing that, by accomplishing that, I hope to push my career even farther.

Writing is all about what have you done lately. Even with all that stuff I listed that I am doing (and have done) it’s not much. An editor will look at that and say, “How nice. Got a finished story for me to look at?”

It’s non-stop, writing. I knew that going in and I’m okay with that. I just don’t like feeling that I may be falling behind the curve now and then even though I am trying to take steps to keep up with the changes in the profession.

I don’t like to lose. I don’t like to fail. That kind of thinking is the death-watch beetle of the writing soul. That’s what I have to face. That’s what I have to overcome.


Caprock Canyon

I am headed to Caprock Canyon this weekend after work. I think I will leave Sunday and come back around Thursday. I like the desolation of Caprock plus they have buffalo so how could anyone not want to go? Of course there’s a burn ban but I don’t plan on a camp fire. I have a small electric skillet and a water boiler I use for coffee anyway, so I’ll be good.

I’ve been before earlier this summer. The weather was brutal. It should be a little more comfortable now, but it’s pretty isolated nevertheless. I also plan to use the alone time to finish my new Haxan story, do some reading, and just decompress. I also hope to check out some of the trails.

View from a hiking trail in Caprock Canyon

The last time I went there was evidence of how the canyon suffered from a past fire. Some of the mesquite trees were blackened with soft green shoots sprouting from the blackened branches. I also saw the same for the cactus plants. So I’m eager to see how much more they bounced back since I’ve been there.

Another thing about the site, there is a LOT of wildlife, not to mention the deep black night sky and the stars glittering like sugar jewels. Not that the night sky will be all that great since there’s a full moon when I’m going, haha. Got to watch for werewolves? I saw skunks last time. Wereskunks?

See you guys on the flip side!

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