Haxan Gallery

For those who are interested, I’ve included a new page on my website, a HAXAN GALLERY. Check it out if you have time. I hope you like it.

I’ve also updated many other features of my website, including the News Page, with new writing links for those seeking to perfect their craft, and my essay titled “What I Learned in New Mexico”, along with a brand new Sample Story called “The Perfect Quest” published by SDO Fantasy in 2004.  It’s another Sugawara story, for people who like his adventures.  I’ve also updated my FAQ Page (with additional questions about Haxan I’ve been getting from people) and Links that you may like to follow.

Also included on the Haxan Gallery page is added content entitled “How I Tried to Find Haxan” for the fans. So there’s lots for you to enjoy and browse around on if you are so inclined.

Have fun!

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