New Haxan Banner!

[info]wedschilde created an awesome Haxan banner for my website. I’d really like for you to take a look and tell me (and her) what you think. I believe she captured Haxan perfectly. And when you go to the website and click on the banner it brings you directly to the Haxan page. How cool is that? (George Jetson would be envious of the ease which surrounds our lives, although he does have that flying bubble car and automatic dog walker.)

Oh, other new stuff on the website, too, including a new sample story “Hour of the Tiger” which was my first Sugawara story ever published and some other little bits and pieces, links to other articles and stuff. But, imo, that Haxan banner rocks.

Man. If that’s not reason enough to party right there then I dont know what is. Have a good Monday and a great Memorial Day!  🙂


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