Sugawara Strikes Again!

My short story “Sugawara and the Sea Devil” has been accepted by Drops of Crimson. I’m pretty stoked about this. I like this magazine. It’s gotten a lot of attention lately because the stories inside are, you know, good.

Personally speaking, I LOVE this story about Sugawara. It’s without a doubt my absolute favorite. Partly, because he does some un-Samurai like things and there’s lots of martial arts as well. (Well, okay, you got me. It’s a Suguwara story. There’s always martial arts.)

But one of the things he does is use a naginata to fight the “sea devil” because no other available weapon will give him the reach he needs from the platform he has to fight from. (Yes, that’s a tease.)

Now I know what you’re saying. Big deal, he’s using a fancy spear. Except a naginata was historically a weapon intended for use by samurai women. (Yes, there were female samurai.) Some male samurai might eschew using a naginata even though it was studied by men, just not as much. But that doesn’t bother Sugawara because he wants to stay alive. Or try to. Silly bastard.

Look for the story at the end of April. (I think.) Of course I’ll provide links and stuff. Yay!

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