Second of Three Stories Down! One Story Left in the Thunderdome!

Started and finished “Wuthering” today.  Came in at about 5000 words.  This one is pretty dark. Surprised me how dark it turned out.  And  I loved the villain in this one and how Marwood must fix things aright.  I think the resolution will come across as something of  a surprise. Different even for Haxan.  I hope so, anyway.  (It surprised me. I didn’t see this ending when I started the story at eight o’clock this morning.  But what else can Marwood do with that kind of bad guy?)

And we learn some personal things about Marwood we didn’t know before.  Magra, too! (Jake Strop wasn’t in this one. He was delivering government papers to Fort Providence, haha.)

One more story to go. Assuming I finish this I’ll have a lot to say about what I learned writing three stories in three days.  Because I did learn something.

Of course, it’s not a given.  Not yet.  I’ve got one more to write.  I think it’ll be “Grand Guignol” because the way I’m seeing “Ozymandias” that one’s gonna be kinda long. Which means it’ll come in around six pages, lol.  You can never tell about these things. I’ve long ago given up trying to see the future in stuff like that.

There’s no profit in trying to second guess yourself.

Anyway, “Grand Guignol” tomorrow. Please, God, let me get it done on time and let it be a short one! (I could use the break.)

blood, dust, wind….
blood, dust, wind….

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