Trouble for Monkey Writer Dog

Flug. I’m right on the edge with this cold. It could fade away into a bothersome little head knocker kept at bay with Sudafed and black coffee…

…or degenerate into a horrific snot-fest accompanied with an overwhelming sense of gakking myself to avoid the misery.

It’s like God is going to flip the coin in the air tonight and I’ll see on which side it lands. But if this is the same God who gave me chickenpox on the night of my first communion, well, then I guess I know how it’s gonna end. We’ll see, though. He knows me pretty well. I don’t react well when people (or deities) personally piss me off. I’m like an elephant. I have a long memory of past slights.

Anyway if it does get bad I’ve got an unopened bottle of rye whiskey in the freezer just begging to help me fight this cold. Then again, who needs the excuse of a cold to crack that soldier open?

I feel pretty good right now, but a little too lethargic to get  up and do any work in my office. Bummer. I really wanted to start concentrating on my writing this month because February was such a mess. I guess can work from bed tomorrow, though. All I really have slated is to complete my synopsis for the novel and get that off the Five Star. If I’m able I’ll also meet my writing buddy Tuesday for coffee.

I’ve gotten several nice emails about my story “Death Storm” which has just been published in Drops of Crimson. Really touching; I’m glad people seem to like it because this was one of my personal favorites, too.

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