I got the rewrite for “High Moon” finished and sent it off. I believe I did a good job but was reaching a point of diminishing returns so I needed to get it out. I’m meeting my writing buddy again tomorrow and I’m thinking of starting a new story, except there’s going to be a problem with that.

I’ve got some personal stuff piling up on me for the next month so I might not have much time for writing. Not much I can do; I can’t get out of it. (I’ve tried.)  So I don’t want to start a story and then leave it hanging…but then again I don’t want to take that kind of time off when I’m sort of in a groove of story writing.

So I guess I’ll probably start the story and hope I can catch up to it and give it the attention it needs in the coming weeks. Like Pooh says:

“Oh, bother!’

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