“High Moon” Rewrite

Beneath Ceaseless Skies wants a rewrite for “High Moon” one of my Haxan stories. The editor really had some good suggestions. Now it’s up to me to see how I can make them work. If I can, I definitely think the story will be better overall and the conflict between Marwood and Bull Hod that much sharper.

It won’t be easy, but I like challenges. Now I HAVE to finish “Alpenglow” in the next several days so I can hit this rewrite hard. I’m excited. Not so much about the almost-sale, but how the story will be so much stronger in light of the changes the editor wants. He really did have some good suggestions and I was flattered he took the time. Oh, and tomorrow I meet my writing buddy. That will help. Maybe I can bounce ideas off her.

A little more reading for tonight and I’m off to bed….

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