I got the rewrite for "High Moon" finished and sent it off. I believe I did a good job but was reaching a point of diminishing returns so I needed to get it out. I'm meeting my writing buddy again tomorrow and I'm thinking of starting a new story, except there's going to be a problem with that. …

Show Me The Money

While I maintain print was long overdue for a shake up, I don't view this economic downturn as any kind of validation for self-publishing. Here's how it works: Money flows to the writer. That holds true in all cases.  I don't care how many magazines go under. Or how desperate you get to see your stuff published.

Queries and Tigers and Bears, oh, my!

One thing I would like to see is some sort of standardization with queries. Seriously. Some agents want a query letter and synopsis and first three chapters. Some want query and synopsis. Some want just the query -- email only, please. Some want query snail mailed. Some want query, a three page synopsis and first …

Keep going, baby. You know you like it.

I was talking to my writing buddy today at the coffee shop about show don't tell in fiction. And it got me to thinking. I have a problem with over description in my stories. I can just describe, describe, describe a scene in the most exquisite (and therefore exhausting) detail and be happier than a …


I"m going to concentrate on short stories again this year. But if  a big project comes along and interests me then I might do it. I'm leaving myself open to that possibility which is something I didn't do last year. But mostly short stories, I think.

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