Contracts and Coffee Mugs, Oh My!

Today I met my writing buddy and did three pages on “White Hawk” which maybe isn’t a lot but it was a good three pages. I see the story even clearer than I did before.  Many of the previous Haxan stories ran about 7k.  This one looks to be a mite shorter which is always helpful for marketing.

I’m toying with the idea of doing a crunch-write and finishing the story this weekend.  Not sure if that will happen, but it’s nice to dream.

Also today I signed and mailed the contracts for the reprint of my short story “Tryst” for Three Crow Press.  Man, that little story has been good to me in a lot of ways.  Can’t complain if someone likes it enough to want to pay for a reprint.  Okay, it’s not much…still money, though.

Remember my other story “Heart’s Issue” that appeared in Drops of Crimson?  They now have a little CafePress thing going on the side. Check it out. I’m going to get the coffee mug, it looks cool:  Drops of Crimson Shop.

Haha, and if you really want a blast from the past here’s the old coffee mug CafePress did for my Strange Horizons story “Slugball” illustrated by [info]frankwu .  All that stuff is no longer avaliable, but you can see a little picture of the coffee mug.  There was the usual stuff like bookbags and shirts but we also had Christmast ornaments!  Frank and I always laughed about that.  (We still do. It doesn’t take much to make us laugh.)  Heck, I bet Ernest Hemingway never had Christmas ornaments. Take that, Hemingway.  You, too, Melville because you didn’t have one either, you poser.

In other news I slipped on ice today and liked to blew my fucking knee out.  I’m okay, no harm done. I’m so agile and my reflexes so cat-like I was able to avoid any serious damage.  I just included the phrase “liked to blew my fucking knee out” because it sounded dramatic.  It’s still true, however, that I have cat-like reflexes.  That part is true. No, it is.  Okay. Don’t believe me.  Fine. I can live with that.  Mad? No, I’m not mad.  Why would I be mad?  Let’s just move on. I’m a liar, I guess, that’s all.  No, I’m not going to forget it.  What?  Do I often have these conversations with myself?  Why, as a matter of fact I do….  Scare you, much?

Right now I”m watching the Palladium Channel on TV.  They’re showing the old documentary Monterey Pop and Jimmy Hendrix is doing things with a guitar human beings weren’t meant to do.  Amazing talent. If you’ve never seen this documentary I urge you to give it a peek.  Really good filmmaking and the music is seminal.

Well, that’s about it for tonight.  I’m wrapping things up around here.  I’ll read a bit and crawl into bed.  ‘Nite.

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