From Little Imps Do Great Ogres Grow

You know how it is.  You have a little edit suggested to you by someone you trust but it’s not much so you figure “Fug it, I’ll do it later.”

And then someone else gives you some other advice on a completely different story and you know they’re right, but it won’t take very long so you figure you’ll do that tomorrow because right now you’re eating peanuts.

And this story.  And that one over there.  And the other.

Before you know it you’re talking about a really big time investment.  Now you’ve got a big mean ogre staring down at you demanding to be taken care of.   He has a great big club with iron power-points and all you have is a hand with some skin on it. Yeah.  Like that.

So that’s what I’ve been doing all morning. This edit here and this edit there, oh shit I forgot this one too, because my friends know what they’re talking about and these changes need to be made.  So I’ve made them.  But it took a lot of time because there were a lot of them even though they were little and I kept putting it off.

Why do I do that?  Dunno.  Go figure.

Now, where did I put those peanuts…?

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