Man, is there ever some nasty stuff swimming around in the River Styx

Finished the story. Done done.  I’m glad and relieved. Now it’s in the hands of my first readers and I can concentrate on a new story. Yep.  We’re going back to Haxan.

Someone asked me what the new Haxan story will be about. I gave my standard reply: “Oh, probably guns and wind and dust.”

Then I got to thinking, Hey, maybe that was too flip.  Then I thought some more and realized, Nope, that’s about right.

Another friend remarked “Santa Claus doesn’t come to Haxan.”

I think that says it all.

Welcome to Haxan.  It’s a rough town.  But somebody’s gotta tell their stories.  I got picked.  What am I supposed to do?  I can’t ignore them. These people are talking to me.  I have to tell what I hear.

Anyway, the next story has the working title of “White Hawk” and I’m looking forward to starting it tomorrow.  I’ll make a few notes tonight, though.

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