Edit Done

Finished the last edit for “Till Death Do Us Part” and I’ll send it out when I hear back from my first readers.

Not much else on the writing front to report.  I’m still sifting through story ideas for my next project and of course I’ve got the rewrite for “Styx” circling me like a hungry buzzard.  That story is so demanding. But I’m scheduling that for the upcoming weekend — tentatively. Then my first readers will get it, too. Lucky them.

For myself I’m looking forward to getting back on my weekly schedule with my writing buddy.  One thing does irk me. The old coffee shop where we used to meet closed down so we had to move our circus down the road a mile or two.  This new coffee shop is busier than the old one…hence the reason it’s still open, I guess.  Still, I liked the other because it was much quieter and not as much bustle going on around me.

Oh, well, beggars and writers can’t be choosers, it seems.

If I had anything more pithy to say I would say it. I don’t, so I guess I’ll end this post here.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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